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Born in the UK. Bred for the world.

Designed and developed over an 18 month period to offer a solution to the food and dairy industries which truly meets, exceeds and satisfies customer needs. Dairyflex disrupts the marketplace with a high-quality, yet affordable hose.


With so many other ‘hose companies’ out there, it can be hard enough to decide who to buy from let alone which hose is the most suitable for your application requirements. Food and Dairy hoses come in a variety of alternate differentiation, different liners, different reinforcements etc. all resulting in a huge amount of variation when it comes to performance and durability specifications.

Typically, the food industry, and in particular the dairy industry, are known for using very low-quality hoses, re-ending connections, using worm drive clips instead of hygienically swaged connections, and not maintaining hoses to a standard whereby they are still fit for application purposes.


That’s where Dairyflex comes in. Dairyflex was designed and developed over an 18 month period in order that Flextech would be able to offer a high-quality, yet affordable hose solution to the food and dairy markets. We designed Dairyflex with four key variants to ensure that we could provide application-specific hose assemblies. We offer;

Dairyflex Delivery hoses for simple delivery applications

Dairyflex Suction & Delivery hoses designed for vacuum

Dairyflex Lite S&D hoses designed to be lightweight, extra-flexible, and easier to handle in smaller dairy production plants

Dairyflex Crush S&D hoses designed for taking products from truck to tanker. If run over, it will reform back to its original shape.

Imagine, that by simply using a high-quality, hygienically swaged hose such as Dairyflex, you could simultaneously and drastically reduce bacterial growth and contamination, improve the health and safety of the working environment employees are working in as well as ensuring the longevity of hose assemblies reducing longterm costs.


You can use Dairyflex in your food processing plant, whether you have a large or small setup, are invested in ensuring a hygienic food processing operation, want to reduce production downtime, and increase standards of health and safety.

This isn’t about fancy hoses. All hoses are different, just like cheeses, milk, and yogurts, each having its own unique flavor, so to do hoses differ in their performance and durability properties based on the quality of the materials and components used in their construction.

If you would like to learn more about Dairyflex Hose Solutions or have a bespoke requirement for your dairy farm please get in touch at sales@flextechhose.co.uk or +44 (0) 1753 570 099 and our team will be happy to assist you.