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The Hose Health Check

A hose health check is a free service that Flextech offers to independent dairies in the UK. After a discussion with yourselves we will visit your dairy, inspect your hoses and explain any compromising symptoms, causes and diagnostics as well as potential treatment and preventative measures.


Hose Health Check OptionsHose InspectionHose Inspection, Replacement & Register (Custom Pricing)
Hose Duty AnalysisYESYES
Hose Category SelectionNOYES
Hose Category ClassificationNOYES
Supply & StorageNOYES
Installation, Maintenance & SafetyYESYES
Hose Inspection & Replacement ProcedureYESYES
Personnel Competency RequirementsNOYES

How do you know what to look out for?

We specialise in providing dairies of all shapes and sizes with consultative hose solutions and information regarding best practices for hoses. Hoses are one of the most vulnerable parts of your dairy production process and there’s a multitude of reasons why maintaining and checking your hose’ health is important.


What are the “symptoms”?

There are quite a large number of symptoms to look out for when it comes to trying to establish whether or not you’ve got a “sick hose” however, there are a few major ones to look out for;

• Cracking
• Exposed Braid
• Rust Contamination
• Puncture Marks
• Collapsed or Crushed Hose
• Leaking
• Kinks
• Blistering or Bulging
• Burst Hose
• Hose Liner Degradation
• Leaking End Connections
• End Connection Blow-Out